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LMU College of Distinction

Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) has been recognized for its honorable commitment to helping undergraduate students learn, grow and succeed by Colleges of Distinction, a unique guide for college-bound students. Now for a fourth (4th) year in a row, LMU has been named a 2023-2024 College of Distinction and Tennessee College of Distinction.

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  • Engaged Students – Students at LMU have the opportunity to take an active part in their own learning through rigorous curriculums, faculty-guided undergraduate research opportunities and international exchange programs
  • Great Teaching – Students at LMU have meaningful interactions with faculty in the first-year experience program including UACT 100, embedded research throughout curriculums and the University’s Lincoln 100 exploring the legacy of LMU’s namesake
  • Vibrant Community – Creating connections with peers outside the classroom is an important part of a well-rounded college experience. LMU requires all students to complete a student service initiative and encourages participation in student organizations to help students find a sense of belonging and meaning throughout their campus experience.
  • Successful Outcomes – The undergraduate experience works cohesively to prepare students not only for graduation, but for life after graduation. Some of these experiences at LMU include embedded internships, senior capstones and industry and faculty mentorship


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